In my mid-twenties I was taking trips to areas around and North of the Continental United States, with a manual camera.  It is then I  began taking photographs. When I looked at the photos I took, I realized that I had found a hobby and started buying newer and better camera equipment, so I could take better photos! Through my employment, which has taken me all over the United States and Canada, I have had the opportunity to begin exploring all the various highways and byways, taking photographs. This led me into professional photography and I worked in that field with AAA for over 20 years. 

I have had the good fortune to have the past few years, since mid-2009, to travel independently, taking back roads all over the Northwestern United States, Alaska, Canada and Russia.

I hope you'll enjoy reviewing this website and taking a "mini-tour" of my various photo albums. You will also find a link to my Facebook page, where you can review even more photo albums.
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