North Fork Flathead River-near Apgar, Montana
Old school house remnants-near Valentine, Montana
Brilliant sunset-near Jordan, Montana
1950's grain elevator-central Montana
Early 1900's Teachers Quarters remains-Valentine, Montana
Sign of early 20th century life in central Montana
Early 1900's church-north of Havre, Montana
Old grain storage silo's-northern Montana
Montana's northern plains....
'Signs of wind wear'  northern Montana
Some interesting scenery-near Roundup, Montana
Early 1900's northern Montana grain storage elevator
Virgelle, Montana-guest cottage
'Wind erosion' near Winifred, Montana
"Ghost scenery" Barber, Montana
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Lavina, Montana Hotel
Old residencial ruins-Barber, Montana
Old storage shed-Ryegate, Montana
Barber, Montana-town mercantile remains
Windmill amongst the open plains-near Roundup, Montana
Antiques & Collectibles-Roundup, Montana
Old horses barn-near Lavina, Montana
Montana's Box Elder Creek-along State Highway 200
Vananda School-Vananda, Montana
Sunset-near Winnett, Montana
Lewistown, Montana Courthouse-in November
Forsyth, Montana Courthouse-in November
Lewistown, Montana Courthouse and 'founding rock monument'.
Open hey bails-near Klein, Montana
South-central Montana-'brushlands'
'Signs of yesteryear' near Hardin, Montana
Old farm-hand's cabin-near Kalispell, Montana
'Colorful row of small storage sheds' near Hamilton,Montana
'Rocky formations' along southern Montana's Otter Road
Late 19th century schoolhouse-near Cut Bank, Montana
'Amber' hay fields-near Conrad, Montana
Early-mid 1900's ranch oasis-near Columbus, Montana
Late 1800's western Montana schoolhouse-near Deer Lodge, Montana
Quintessential 1800's Montana barren plains
Visitor's Center-Grant Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site
Typical Montana open ponderosa-near Drummond, Montana
Late 19th Century ranch house amongst the horses
Kaiser's House Mercantile Store-Phillipsburg, Montana
Horses corral-near Maxville, Montana
Typical western Montana ranch scenery (near Maxville, Montana)
Old Phillipsburg, Montana Hotel (c. 1890-1950)
January sunset-western Montana (near Porters Corners, Montana)
Hey ranch corral (near Anaconda, Montana)
Montana's East North Fork Road-near Glacier Park & Flathead River
(Northern) East Fork Road-Glacier Park
East Fork Flathead River Valley-near Polebridge, Montana
Montana's northern East Fork Flathead River
Garnett Ghost Town-western Montana (on an overcast late-September day)
Montana's "winding" Garnett back road (from up-top) in September
Montana's Whitefish Lake-near Columbia Falls
Montana's Bowman Reservoir (in late-September)
Bannock, Montana-School House
Hotel Meade-Main Street-Bannock, Montana
Tributary to the North Fork Flathead River-through a shroud of trees
Polebridge, Montana Mercantile Store
Eastern Montana's
Chalk Plains.
Carter County, MT.
A beautiful setting along
Sheep Mountain Road.
Southeast Montana.
Carter County Courthouse.
Ekalaka, MT.
Old Town Hall.
Capitol, Montana
Capitol, Montana 
Town Hall
(front angle)
Litttle Missouri Lutheran Church.
Near Capitol, MT.
Beautiful white tailed deer.
Southeast Montana.
Capitol, Montana
Town Hall &  "main drag"
Early 1900's farm-horse
Near Mill Iron, MT.
Early 1900's ranchers house
Carter County, MT.
1940's Grain elevator.
Southeast Montana.
Little Missouri Road.
(looking south)
Near Capitol, MT.
Grazing cattle.
Near Sheep Mountain Butte.
Carter County.
Albion, Montana School
(functioned 1914-1964)
Sheep Mountain Road.
Southeast Montana.
Stoneville Saloon.
Alzada, MT.
Sheep Mountain Road
(looking west)
Down Sheep Hill.
Late 1800's dwellings.
Near Ekalaka, MT.
Eastern Montana.
Typical secluded pond.
1890's settlers cabin remains.
Eastern Montana.
1900 basic ranch cabin remnants
Near Mill Iron, MT.
Typical east Montana barn.
Carter County, MT.
Mill Iron, MT.
Old service station.
Eastern Montana 
Elevator Complex
(dating to the 1940's)
Comertown, MT
(remnants of yesteryear)
Glentana, Montana school.
(Built 1935).
Orthodox Church remains.
Dooley, MT.
Residential remains.
Comertown, MT.
Early 1900's school & outhouse.
Outlook, MT.
Dooley Orthodox Church.
Dooley, MT.
1880's tote wagon.
Outlook, MT.
Main Street.
Redstone, MT.
Early rail depot.
Flaxville, MT.
1940's grain elevator complex.
Flaxville, MT.
1930's wooden grain elevators.
Madoc, Montana.
Madoc, MT grain elevators.
(south angle)
Daniels County Court House.
Main Street.
Scobey, Montana.
1931 Victoria grain elevator.
Peerless, Montana.
Another 1930's wooden
grain elevator.
Richland, MT.
Outpost cafe.
Opheim, MT.
Stone remains of a ranch house.
Theony, Montana.
Early 1900's Orthodox church.
Rock Creek, Montana.
Lonely standing wooden
grain elevators.
Whitewater, MT.
Whitewater grain elevators.
(close up)
South grain elevator.
Whitewater, MT.
North grain elevator.
Whitewater, MT.
Whitewater, Montana
Rail depot.
Beautiful brown wooden
grain elevator.
Loring, MT.
West grain elevator.
Loring, MT.
West grain elevator.
(south angle)
Loring, MT.
Original rail depot.
Early 1900's.
Loring, MT.
Old general store and saloon.
Loring, Montana.
Early 1900's settlers house.
Loring, Montana,
Old school building.
Loring, MT.
1912 Public School.
Vandalia, MT.
Old store building.
Tampico, MT.
Valley County Courthouse.
Glasgow, MT.
Vandalia, Montana.
Public School & Old store.
Old leaning farm house.
(c. 1895)
Near Turner, MT.
1895 farm house
(black & white)
Highway 241.
Near Turner, MT.
Twin 1930's grain elevators.
Turner, MT.
Turner grain elevators.
(west angle)
'West' grain elevator.
Turner, MT.
Hogeland School.
(built 1937)
Hogeland, MT.
"old downtown"
Turner, MT.
Chet Huntley School & church.
Saco, Montana.
Old pueblo style church.
Near Harlem, MT.
Old pueblo style church.
(frontal view)
Zurich grain elevators.
Zurich, MT.
Beautiful red wooden style
grain elevator.
Zurich, Montana.
Main Street.
'looking south'
Chinook, MT.
Chinook, Montana.
(southern angle)
Old Chinook Hotel.
Chinook, MT.
Delapidated wooden
grain elevators.
Laredo, MT.
Old Hotel.
Big Sandy, MT.
Old Mercantile Store.
Built 1912.
Virgelle, MT.
Virgelle Mercantile Store.
(southern angle)
Virgelle Grain Elevator
(store in the background)
Montana State Capitol.
Helena, MT.
Montana State Capitol.
(frontal view)
Montana State Capitol.
(vertical angle)
Montana State Capitol.
(close up)
Catholic Diocese Of Helena.
Helena, MT.
Catholic Diocese Of Helena.
(west angle)
Helena, MT.
Union Grille Restaurant.
Fort Benton, MT.
The old 'leaning' general store.
Floweree, MT.
Floweree grain elevator.
(built c. 1933)
Floweree, MT.
Missouri River.
November evening.
Fort Benton, MT.
Camsell Bend.
Missouri River Basin.
Near Carter, MT.
Virgelle rail signal shack.
(c. 1915)
Virgelle, MT.
Virgelle Mercantile Store
'rustic interior'
Another view of the historic
interior of the
Virgelle Mercantile.
Chouteau County Courthouse.
(frontal view)
Fort Benton, MT.
Chouteau County Courthouse
& grounds.
Fort Benton, MT.
Elkhorn, MT
Gillian Hall &
Fraternity Hall.
(c. 1890's)
Gillian Hall &
Fraternity Hall.
(frontal view)
Elkhorn, Montana.
1880's machinery building.
Elkhorn, MT.
Remnants of some 1880's 
Comet, MT
One of a number of antique
Elkhorn, MT.
Old store/service station.
Comet (High Ore), MT.
1880's bording building &
mine headframe
(in the background)
Comet, MT.
Old boarding 'house'
Comet, MT.
Charactoristic storage garage.
Elkhorn, MT.
Comet (High Ore), Montana.
Another 19th century house.
Comet, Montana
(ghost town)
"main drag"
Comet, Montana.
(more nostalgic scenery)
1880's General Store.
Rimini, MT.
Remnants of a 1895 residense.
Maryville, Montana.
Small rural country chapel.
Near Boulder, MT.
1920's equipment shed.
Near Harrison, MT.
Elling-Morris Mill
Built 1883
Pony, MT.
Early 1900's Mason Hall.
Pony, Montana.
Virginia City, MT.
Tobacco & cigar shop.
Nevada City, MT.
Late 1880's businesses.
Hangman's Building.
Virginia City, MT.
1890's businesses.
(south side of highway)
Virginia City, MT.
Jefferson County Courthouse.
Boulder, MT.
Jefferson County Courthouse.
(south angle)
Downtown Boulder shops.
(Main Street)
Basin, MT.
Basin, Montana.
(late 19th century buildings)
Amsterdam grain elevator.
Amsterdam, MT.
Amsterdam grain elevator
(north angle)
Christian Reformed Church.
Churchill, Montana.
Gallatin Valley grain elevator.
Near Bozeman, MT.
Gallatin Valley grain elevator.
(south angle)
Hotel Baxter.
105 Main Street.
Bozeman, MT.
Main Street trendy shops.
Bozeman, MT.
The old Bozeman Hotel.
(now businesses).
Very long hay columns.
Gallatin County, MT.
Downtown Bozeman's
bustling Main Street's
building fronts.
Old Grand Hotel.
Three Forks, MT.
1915 Rocky Valley
Lutheran Church.
Dooley, Montana.
One more peek at this
1915 wooden church remains.
Dooley, Montana.
Northern angle of the
Dooley (Rocky Valley) church.
B&W frontal view.
Rocky Valley Church.
Dooley, Montana.
Another angle of these
antique 1915 church remains.
Dooley, Montana.
1915 Rocky Valley church.
(B&W perspective)
Dooley, MT.
Comertown (ghost town)
Abandoned buildings.
Long abandoned residence.
(northeast Montana)
Another view of this
long abandoned farm home.
Comertown, Montana.
Another abandoned home.
'Bend in the road'
through Comertown.
Another peek at the Comertown ruins.
Abandoned 1930's farm tractor.
Near Sidney, Montana.
1940's style grain elevator.
Savage, Montana.
Savage, Montana grain elevator.  
(west angle)
Close up view of the
Savage grain elevator.
Another peek at this 1940's
grain elevator.
Savage, MT.
Historic 1902 Kempton Hotel.
Terry, Montana.
1906 schoolhouse.
Near Biddle, MT.
Wesleyan Church.
Built early 1900's.
Biddle, MT.
Volberg General Store
and Post Office.
Volberg, MT.
B&W perspective of this
1911 schoolhouse.
Rosebud County.
Another rural schoolhouse.
Built 1911.
Near Volberg, MT.
Another peek at this 
1911 rural schoolhouse.
Near Volberg.
Scenic country backroad.
Near Sidney.
Another peek north along this
east Montana backroad.
Another abandoned 
old farm house.
Near Sidney, MT.
Attractive old farmstead.
Sheridan County.
(northeast Montana)
Classic 1930's stable barn.
Sheridan County.
Another abandoned old farmstead.
(northeast Montana)
Rusty red backroad.
Powder River County, MT.
Another angle of this 
classic old shed.
Southeast Montana.
100-year old modest 
farm house.
Powder River County.
Picturesque old farm shed.
Powder River County.
Another view of this 1909
farm house.
Cattle roaming and grazing.
Southern Montana prairies.
Classic early ranch.
Southeast Montana.
Southern Montana ranch.
Powder River County.
Another peek at this classic 
old ranch.
Ridge, Montana.
Classic 1903 ranch hut.
Near Broadus.
A pair of 100-year old 
pioneer homes.
Near Broadus, MT.
Montana's southern hills.
Powder River County.
More of Montana's 
southern rolling pines.
Powder River County.
Classic 1940's outhouse.
Ridge, Montana.
Ridge, Montana 
Community Hall.
Ridge, Montana.
Ruins of an early ranch house.
Another abandoned 
country residence.
Sheridan County, MT.
Another early 1900's
abandoned schoolhouse.
Northeast Montana.