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Moscow's Arvat District-waterway
Moscow, Russia
Moscow's Metro subway wall murial
Vitebsk, Russia
Vitebsk, Russia-Transconfiguration Cathedral
Northern Russia's Solovetsky Islands-miniature cathedral
Fabulous interior murial paintings-Russia's Solovetsky Islands
Vologda, Russia (one of the city's many onion-dome structures)
Vologda, Russia's City Square
Vologda, Russia archecture
Moscow's brilliant colors in late evening (Moscow River)
Moscow's inner-district in late-October
Moscow's Sportskaya District-Convent-Fort
'Mid 15th-century' architesture (northern Moscow)
Mid-16th century-fortress (Moscow)
Example of some ornate wooden Russian architecture-outside of Moscow.
Wooden village-Near Moscow, Russia
Ornate 18th-century residence-Suzdal, Russia
18th Century-wooden architecture-Suzdal, Russia
Suzdal, Russia-Fortress Bastion
One of Suzdal, Russia's many onion-domed cathedrals.
Suzdal, Russia-medieval cathedral complex
19th century home-Suzdal, Russia
Suzdal, Russia's architecture-on a late-October evening
Some brilliant ornate interior design and chandelier-Suzdal, Russia
Patriotic War Memorial-near Nizhni-Novgorod, Russia
Tranquil October evening-north of Moscow, Russia
17th Century fortress bastion-Suzdal, Russia
17th-century fortress bastion-Suzdal, Russia
Suzdal-another wooden orthodox cathedral
Cathedral of Transconfiguration-Nizhni-Novgorod (Gorky), Russia
Nizhni-Novgorod, Russia-Train Station
Gorodets wooden village-near Nizhni-Novgorod, Russia
'Charming' wooden miniature cathedral-Gorodets, Russia
Nizhni-Novgorod, Russia-on the Oka and Volga Rivers
Gorodets, Russia's 18th century log structures
Semenov, Russia's Main Street (in an October rain)
One of Perm, Russia's administrative buildings
Perm, Russia's city-walk during an October rain
Tobolsk, Russia's Old Town (dating from the 17th century)
Tobolsk, Russia-18th century Decemberist Cathedral
Tobolsk, Russia-"New Town" (19th century and newer)
Some early 20th-century wooden architecture-near Tobolsk, Russia (Abalak village)
Tobolsk, Russia's-Kremlin complex
Orthodox cathedral-Tobolsk, Russia (old town)
Abalak village (near Tobolsk, Russia)
Tobolsk, Russia (modern early 20th-century architecture)
Khanty-Mansisk-Transconfiguration Cathedral