"Welcome To Michigan" sign~
US 12  (Near Michiana).
New Buffalo, Michigan
(Downtown shops).
City of New Buffalo-
Transient Marina.
New Buffalo Beach~
Southwest Michigan.
Three Oaks Train Station~
(Now shops).
Downtown Three Oaks~
Scenic rural setting~
Near Vandalia, Michigan.
Mid-Hay Harvest~
Near Nottawa, Michigan.
Southern Michigan scenery~
Near Niles, Michigan.
Cass County Courthouse~
Cassopolis, Michigan.
Copyright Michael K Robb 2017
"Stubborn old brick silo"
Berrien County, Michigan.
St Joseph County Courthouse~
Centreville, Michigan.
Mackinac Island

Upper Peninsula


Round Island Lighthouse~
Just off Mackinac Island.
Upper Tahquamenon Falls~
Luce County, Michigan.
Fort Wilkins Historic State Park~
Near Copper Harbor.
Copper Harbor Lighthouse~
Woodland Peninsula.
Some interesting scenery along the hiking trails~
Tahquamenon Falls.
Looking across to Round Island~
From Mackinac Island-to the southeast.
Point Iroquois Light Station~
Near Bay Mills, Michigan.
Jacobsville Pier and Lighthouse~
Lower Keweenaw.
Summer evening along
Mackinac Island's bustling summer season--along Main street.
Tibbits Opera House~
Coldwater, Michigan.
Downtown Coldwater~
(West Chicago Street).
Historic Downtown Hillsdale~
Howell Street District~
Hilsdale, Michigan.
Hillsdale County Courthouse~
Hillsdale, Michigan.
Hillsdale College~
Central Hall.
Mackinac Island Yacht Harbour~
Late evening.
Hotel Iriquois~
South Main Street.
Mackinac Island.
Windermere Bed & Breakfast~
Mackinac Island.
Crisp Point Lighthouse~
North Shore-Upper Peninsula.
Crisp Point Lighthouse~
(Front View).
Manistique Lighthouse~
(Lower Shore)
Upper Peninsula.
(1898) Fire Station)
Eagle Harbor Lighthouse~
(Upper Keweenaw)
St Paul The Apostle Church~
Calumet, Michigan.
St Ignace Harbour & Lighthouse~
Lower Tahquamenon Lake~
Near Tahquamenon Falls.
'Rare' Upper Peninsula Hayfield~
Near Brimley, Michigan.
Whitefish Bay Lighthouse Complex & Shipwreck Museum~
(Northeastern Upper Peninsula).
One of many Upper Peninsula's
remote backroads~
Deer Park welcome sign~
(North Shore).
Main Street~
Homer, Michigan.
Park Palace Building~
Albion, Michigan.
Kellogg School Building (1873)
Near Devereaux. Michigan.
Duck Lake School Building~
Near Partello, Michigan.
Michigan Centenneal Farm~
(1875 barn)
Duck Lake, Michigan.
Southern Michigan setting~
Near Brookfield, Michigan.
Original Eaton County Courthouse~  (1845).
Charlotte, Michigan.
Eaton County Courthouse 
& Museum~
Charlotte, Michigan.
Early 1900's architecture~
Charlotte, Michigan.
Early 1900's storage building~
Near Maple Grove, Michigan.
Nashville, Michigan.
Historic Downtown Main Street~
First Congregational Church~
Vermontville, Michigan.
Main & Jefferson Streets~
Hastings, Michigan.
Barry County Courthouse~
Hastings, Michigan.
Soybean field & related (mid-1900's) storage buildings~
Near Sunfield, Michigan.
Livingston County Courthouse~
Howell, Michigan.
Historic Downtown Howell~
Early 1900's 'lean-to' style house.
Near Oak Grove, Michigan.
Shiawassee County Courthouse~
Corunna, Michigan.
Clinton County Courthouse~
St John's, Michigan.
Gratiot County Courthouse~
Ithaca, Michigan.
Saginaw Valley Rail Trail Bridge~
St Charles, Michigan.
Omer Masonic Hall~
Omer, Michigan.
Pointe Aux Gras Boardwalk~
Eastern Michigan--Lake Huron.
Historic Depot & Welcome Center.
Standish, Michigan.
Tewas Point Lighthouse~
Near Tewas City, Michigan.
Garden View Coffee Mill~
Oscoda, Michigan.
"Welcome To Oscoda"
Abandoned farm setting~
Near Greenbush, Michigan.
Old Bailey School~
Alcona County.
Sturgeon Point Lighthouse~
Near Harrisville, Michigan.
"Lover's Lane"
Near Black River, Michigan.
Alpena, Michigan.
Downtown Sidewalk & Businesses~
Alpena, Michigan.
Downtown architecture~
St Anne Baptist Church~
Alpena, Michigan.
Presque Isle Lighthouse 'replica' & Entrance.
Northeast Michigan.
New Presque Isle Lighthouse~
New Presque Isle Lighthouse~
Visitor Center.
Old Presque Isle Lighthouse~
Forty Mile Point Lighthouse & Complex.
Near Rogers City, Michigan.
Forty Mile Point Lighthouse~
(west view).
Glawe School~
Main Street.
(looking south)
Main Street.
(looking north).
Gold sluice shack & line~
Mill Creek Discovery Park.
Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse~
Mackinaw City.
Mackinac Point Lighthouse~
(late evening).
Fort Michilimackinac~
Mackinaw City.
Michigan's northern woods~
Near Tahquamenon Falls.
Whitefish Point Post Office~
Early 1900's residence~
Near Newberry, Michigan.
Au Sable Point Lighthouse~
Near Grand Marais, Michigan.
Crisp Point Beach & Lighthouse~
Michigan's (UP) North Shore.
Upper Peninsula's North Shore~
(From the Crisp Point Lighthouse).
MS Stephan M Asher~
Grand Marais Inner Harbour.
Grand Sable Falls~
Near Grand Marais.
1.6 Mile walking trail to the
Au Sable Point Lighthouse~
(1904) Pacific Building~
Rock River Cafe.
Chatham, Michigan.
Schoolcraft State Forest~
Near Steuben, Michigan.
Schoolcraft County Historical Park & Water Tower~
Manistique, Michigan.
Munising Flower & Gift Shop~
Munising, Michigan.
Munising Lighthouse~
Munising, Michigan.
Small northern Michigan Lake~
Near Au Train~
Deerton School (1926).
Deerton, Michigan.
Marquette County Courthouse~
Marquette, Michigan.
First United Methodist Church~
Marquette, Michigan.
St Peter's Cathedral~
Marquette, Michigan.
Hotel Janzen~
Marquette, Michigan.
Marquette City Hall~
Big Bay Point Lighthouse~
Big Bay, Michigan.
Early 1920's residential remains~
Near Skanee, Michigan.
Rylander School (1885)
Baraga County.
Houghton County Courthouse~
Houghton, Michigan.
Downtown Houghton, Michigan~
Hancock, Michigan City Hall.
Houghton National Bank & other
early 1900's red-brick buildings~
(Houghton, Michigan).
Houghton Bay~
(In late evening).
Pichiotino's Antique Shop
& Museum~
Calumet, Michigan.
"Tunnel Of Trees"
(County Road)
Near Lac La Belle, Michigan.
Maritime Museum~
Eagle Harbor.
"Very north end of US 41"
(3 miles east of Copper Harbor).
"Lone"-remaining smoke stack~
Near Gay, Michigan.
Early 1900's railroad shacks~
Calumet, Michigan.
Historic Gay School~
Gay, Michigan.
Old fire hall buildings
(Early 1900's)
Calumet, Michigan.
Lake Linden City Hall &
Fire Department.
Keweenaw's Eastern Shore~
Near Port Isabelle.
Saint Joseph's Cathedral~
Lake Linden, Michigan.
Downtown Hubbell, Michigan.
(Lower Keweenaw).
Mid-1900's service station along with a lot of old relic's.
Near Dollar Bay.
Finnish Lutheran Church~
Jacobsville, Michigan.
Jacobsville Historic Information Sign~
Hubbell Fire Department Hall~
Hubbell, Michigan.
St Cecilia Catholic Church~
Hubbell, Michigan.
Post Office & V.F.W.. Post~
Hubbell, Michigan.
Jacobsville Lighthouse~
Merchants of Mackinac & 
other shops~
Chippewa Hotel & adjacent shops~
Chippewa Hotel
(North Main Street).
St Ann's Church~
The Inn On Mackinac
Bed & Breakfast~
Main Street Shops &
bustling activity~
Scenic rural setting~
Near Bristol, Michigan.
Mid-1900's barn~
Lake County.
Lake County Courthouse~
Baldwin, Michigan.
Early 1900's farm residence~
Newaygo County.
Early 1900's delapidated barn~
Near Crystal Valley, Michigan.
Little Sable Lighthouse~
Oceana County.
Mason County Courthouse~
Ludington, Michigan.
Lake Michigan's eastern shore~
Near Ludington.
Big Sable Lighthouse~
Mason County.
Ludington Pier & Lighthouse~
(Early August evening).
Downtown Kingsley, Michigan.
Grand Traverse County.
Grand Traverse County Courthouse~
Traverse City, Michigan.
Hesler Log House~
(Built 1856)
Near the Old Mission Lighthouse.
Old Mission Lighthouse~
Northwest Michigan.
Old Mission General Store.
Old Mission Church~
Old Mission 'ranch style'
Bed & Breakfast.
Maple Grove School~
Mapleton, Michigan.
Quaint colorful tourist shops~
Suttons Bay, Michigan.
'Welcome to Newport'  pavillion.
Leelanau Lighthouse~
Near Northport, Michigan.
Barb's Bakery~
Northport, Michigan.
Leland, Michigan's
Inner Harbour~
Northport Harbour & Yachts~
(Early August evening).
'Two Fish Gallery'
Leland, Michigan.
Betsie Point Ligthhouse~
Near Frankfort, Michigan.
Betsie River (mouth & harbour).
Frankfort, Michigan.
Historic Pointe Betsie B&B (1917).
(Former Coast Guard Station).
Fallisburg Covered Bridge~
Near Smyrna, Michigan.
Downtown Lowell, Michigan.
(Main Street).
1905 rural farm house.
(frontal view)
1905 farm house.
(frontal view)
Early 1900's abandoned
rural home.
Saline, Michigan.
Main Street.
Adrian, Michigan.
Adrian, Michigan.
Downtown Main Street.
(southern angle)
Main Street.
(north angle)
1908 District School #3
Hillsdale County, MI.
Frontier, Michigan.
Old Main Street.
1908 District School #3
(southern angle)
A (b&w) of the
1908 District School.
Hillsdale County.
(Frontal view)
1908 District School #3
Langley Covered Bridge.
Built 1887.
Centreville, MI.
Picturesque double barn.
Southern Michigan.
Langely Covered Bridge.
(close up angle)
1911 farm house setting.
Cass County, MI.
Langley Covered Bridge.
(frontal view)
Centreville, MI.
Old 1916 general store.
Montgomery, MI.
Montgomery, MI
1916 General Store 
& other businesses.
1911 farm house.
Cass County.
Typical southern Michigan
Lenawee County, MI.
1905 general store.
Cadmus, Michigan.
1905 general store.
(east angle)
Cadmus, MI.
1930's farm setting.
Southern Michigan.
1922 Field's Corners
Service Station.
Hillsdale County.
1922 Field's Corners
service station.
(south angle)
1905 general store.
(west angle)
Cadmus, Michigan.
1933 linear barn.
Frontier, MI.
Beautiful 1940's farm lane.
Hillsdale County, MI.