North Dakota
Copyright Michael K Robb 2019
Wheat fields-near Drake, North Dakota
Mid 1900's farm structures-near Carrington, North Dakota
Brilliant blue lagoon pond-near Manfred, North Dakota
Wetlands-north of Minot, North Dakota
Grouse on a northern North Dakota Pond
Old farm house-near Fessenden, North Dakota
Marshlands-near Valley City, North Dakota
Manfred, North Dakota-Old Standard Gas Station Mockup
Fessenden, North Dakota farm house (another angle)
Another view of the Carrington, North Dakota barn structure
Manfred, North Dakota school building
Manfred, North Dakota church
Hotel Johnson-Manfred, North Dakota
Central North Dakota-Marshlands
Farm remnants-near Buchanan, North Dakota
Typical North Dakota early-mid 1900's residential remains
Beautiful blue pond-near Cathay, North Dakota
Mid 20th century residence-near Hillsboro, North Dakota
Balfour, North Dakota Railway Station
Balfour, North Dakota Rail Station (from US Highway 52)
"Twin" Grain Elevators-Bucyrus, North Dakota
Mystic Theatre-Marmarth, North Dakota
The old 'Gascoyne Lumber Company' building-Gascoyne, North Dakota
Gascoyne, North Dakota school house
Erie tree in a scenic setting~
Near Great Bend, North Dakota.
Dwight, North Dakota~
Rail yard & grain elevator.
St John's Lutheran Church~
Near Galchutt, North Dakota.
Stump Lake~
Near Pekin, North Dakota.
Richland County Courthouse~
Wahpeton, North Dakota.
Downtown Wahpeton,
North Dakota.
Typical North Dakota rail siding~
Barney, ND.
Historic F.A. Bagg Farm~
Near Mooreton, ND.
1920's Cremery building remains~
Wyndmere, ND.
Abandoned horse ranch grounds & buildings~
Near Milnor, ND.
Old Gwinner State Bank building~
Gwinner, ND.
Sargent County Courthouse~
Forman, ND.
Grand Theatre on Main Avenue~
Oaks, ND.
Dickey County Courthouse~
Ellendale, ND.
Historic Carroll House (1889)~
Fullerton, ND.
Scenic 'brush' setting~
Southeastern North Dakota.
LaMoure County Courthouse~
LaMoure, ND.
Farm implementary equipment in a rural setting~
Near Verona, ND.
'Fort Ransom Historic Site' Cairn~
Southeastern North Dakota.
Kvalnes School House~
Fort Ransom, ND.
Family horse ranch~
Near Fort Ransom, ND.
Downtown (5th Avenue & Main)~
Lisbon, ND.
Ransom County Courthouse~
Lisbon, ND.
Kathryn, North Dakota.
Early 1900's building facads~
Early-mid 1900's storage shed~
Near Nome, ND.
Enderlin Historical Museum~
Enderlin, ND.
Old King Schoolhouse~
Barnes County, ND.
'Downtown setting'
Valley City, ND.
Twin metal-framed grain elevators~
(Near Valley City, ND)
Lake Ashtabula~
Near Sibley, ND.
'Looking north'
Along a county road in
Barnes County, ND.
Historic Alderman School~
Near Sibley, ND.
James River-
At the north end of
Lake Ashtabula~
"Die Hard" Barn-in a scenic rural setting~
(Near Dazey, ND.)
Typical abandoned farmhouse~
Dotted all throughout eastern
North Dakota.
Griggs County Courthouse~
Cooperstown, ND.
Large picturesque jumbo barn~
Near Cooperstown, ND.
Steele County Courthouse~
Finley, ND.
1860's settler's cabin~
Findley, ND.
Pioneer Park~
Mayville, ND.
Downtown (Main Street)
Mayville, ND.
Traill County Courthouse~
Hillsboro, ND.
Historic Downtown
Hillsboro, ND.
Hatton Eielson Museum~
Hatton, Iowa.
Hatton, ND
Beautiful June evening~
Carl Ben Eielson Cemetary~
Near Hatton, ND.
1890's ranchers' house remains~
'Middle of nowhere' ND.
"Only A Tree"
Tranquil May evening~
Near Sanborn, ND.
Foster County Courthouse~
Carrington, ND
Downtown Carrington, ND.
Eddy County Courthouse~
New Rockford, ND.
New Rockford, ND
Downtown-Central Avenue.
Wells County Courthouse~
Fessenden, ND.
Sheyenne River~
Near Maddock, ND.
One of a number of abandoned early 1900's residences~
(Near Hamburg, ND).
Maddock, ND.
Mid-1900's Episcopal Chapel~
Mid-1900's barn & farm buildings~
Benson County, ND.
1950's Lutheran Church~
Near Flora, ND.
Benson County Courthouse~
Minnewaukan, ND.
Company enlisted quarters~
Fort Totten, ND.
Fort Totten, ND
Boys Dormatory~
Officer's Quarters~
Fort Totten, ND.
Surgeon's & Chaplain's Quarters~
Fort Totten, ND.
Devils Lake's historic district & Courthouse building~
(4th Street & 5th Avenue)
Devils Lake's vibrant downtown~
Lakota, North Dakota~
(Main Street)
Migrating waterfowl on
Stump Lake~
'Resting grain hauling rail cars'~
Pekin, ND.
'Neatlly assorted' junkyard~
Near Eckelson, ND.
Basilica of St James~
Jamestown, ND.
Historic Stuttsman County Courthouse. (1882)
(Jamestown, ND.)
Grand Rapids Public School~
(c. 1910)
Grand Rapids, ND.
Eckelson, ND.
Rail yard & 1950's grain elevator~
Dickey, ND~
Old storage silo's '& such'~
Hemen Township School~
Near Verona, ND.
Ranchers' house
(abandoned since the 1950's)
Near Nome, ND.
'Ypsi' Bar & Grill~
Ypsilanti, ND.
Storm arising over southeast-North Dakota.
(Near Montpelier, ND.)
Early-mid 1900's boarding house~
(Near Robinson, ND).
Crystal Springs School (1915)~
Abandoned 1930's 
International pick-up~
(Near Tuttle, ND)
Arena, North Dakota church
(c. 1890's)
Arena, ND  'ghost town'
(Abandoned since the 1960's)
Twin (abandoned) grain elevators
Arena, ND.
Scenic setting-'in the shade'~
Near Turtle Lake, ND.
'Slouching barn'
Near Velva, ND.
The rolling central hills~
Near Washburn, ND.
Hotel Berry (1906).
Velva, ND.
Kopperdahl Hill 
Historic Landmark~
(Near Karlsruhe, ND).
(Main & Central Avenue)
Velva, ND.
McHenry County Courthouse~
Towner, ND.
Pierce County Courthouse~
Rugby, ND.
Old orthodox church (1937)~
Denbigh, ND.
Abandoned 1940's rail car~
McHenry County.
Tunbridge School (1922)~
Fort Mandan Park 'Cul-de-sac'
At the Missouri River.
Central North Dakota.
Modest 1920's rural home.
Jud, ND.
Old Industrial Building.
Now the Ashley Lodge.
Built 1921.
Ashley, ND.
1890's relic.
Near Hazleton, ND.
Danzig, ND
1920's twin
grain elevators.
Hague Post Office.
Hague, ND.
Jud Post Office.
Jud, ND.
Southern North Dakota
Logan County, ND.
Drift stumps.
Logan County, ND.
1930's storage shed.
McIntosh County, ND.
McIntosh County Courthouse.
Ashley, ND.
McIntosh County Courthouse.
(west angle)
Beautiful bald oak tree.
Near Napolean, ND.
North Dakota State Capitol.
Bismarck, ND.
North Dakota State Capitol.
(frontal view).
St Lawrence School.
Built 1949.
Flasher, ND.
Abandoned early 1900's
ranch manson.
Near Heil, ND.
Abondoned orthodox church.
Leith, ND.
Early 1900's baptist church.
Judson, ND.
Overly, ND
Early 1900's equipment
repair garage.
Crumbling horse hay barn.
Near Rolette, ND.
Rolling hay fields.
Rolettte County, ND.
Looking south along a
gravel county road.
Near Willow City, ND.
Austere storage shed.
Kramer, ND.
1930's storage shed & silo.
Near Omemee, ND.
Early 1900's outhouse.
Agate, ND.
1905 schoolhouse.
Near Upham, ND.
1890's stone corral.
Omemee, ND.
Mid-1900's grain-feed elevator.
Kramer, ND.
Orthodox church.
Deering, ND.
Early 1900's mansion.
Bottineau County, ND.
4x4 trail near the
Canadian Border.
Near Upsilon Lake.
Upsilon Lake in November.
Near St John, ND.
Old 'handsome' 1890's
farm house.
Grant County, ND.
Main Avenue.
Elgin, ND.
Rolling hayfield.
Near Glen Ullen, ND.
Picturesque old ranchstead.
Near Hebron, ND.
St Mary's Church.
Richardton, ND.
Late autumn.
Near Manning, ND.
Another beautiful hayfield.
Dunn County, ND.
Roosevelt National Park &
Western North Dakota.
Early 1900's schoolhouse.
Billings County, ND.
Traversing Roosevelt National Grasslands.
Near Medora, ND.
Elk Horn Oil Field Cabin.
Near Roosevelt National Park.
'Lone' outhouse.
Dunn County, ND.
The '1-room' schoolhouse
& outhouse.
Roosevelt Grasslands.
Roosevelt's Northern Grasslands.
Billings County, ND.
One of several backroads.
within the
Northern Roosevelt Grasslands.
Central Grasslands.
Roosevelt National Park.
Early 1900's ranch house.
Near Medora, ND.
1909 outpost ranch cabin.
Roosevelt National Park.
'Antique' ranch house.
(west angle)
St Peter & Paul Church,
New Hradec, ND.
1930's style dump truck.
Stark County, ND.
Chimney Park.
Remnants of the 
1883 settlers.
Medora, ND.
Old mercantile store.
Sentinel Butte, ND.
Medora, ND
Post Office
Bank & Church.
Early 1900's schoolhouse.
Beach, ND.
Golden Valley 
County Courthouse.
Beach, ND.
Almont Rail Station
(early 1900's)
Almont, ND.
Old Baptist Church.
Almont, ND.
Trotters filling station pump.
(c. 1932)
Trotters, ND.
Trotters Church.
Trotters, ND.
Cartwright, ND
Grain elevator complex.
Early 1900's farmstead.
Trotters, ND.
Fort Union.
(exterior walls)
Near the Montana border.
Fort Union.
(west angle)
Fort Union.
Captain's House.
Fort Union.
(interior view)
1890's General Store.
Appam, ND.
Alamo, ND
1890's farm manson.
Near Corinth, ND.
Divide County Courthouse.
Crosby, ND.
Divide County Courthouse.
(west angle)
Crosby, ND.
Beautiful November sunset.
Near Blaisdell, ND.
Corinth Church.
(c. 1902)
Corinth, ND.
Corinth Mercantile Store
(functioned c. 1895-1956)
Corinth, ND.
1920's wooden style
grain elevator.
Noonan, ND.
Rival Grain Elevator.
Rival, ND
(the town that 'never was')
Mountrail County Courthouse.
Stanley, ND.
Lostwood, ND
Congregational Church.
Another early 1900's relic.
Near Hamlet, ND.
1912 Rail Depot.
Powers Lake, ND.
Powers Lake Rail Depot.
(northern angle)
1912 Lucy Schoolhouse
& other buildings.
Powers Lake, ND.
Wildrose, ND.
Old Post Office
& general store.
Late 1800's antique
farm mansion.
Williams County, ND.
Modest old farm house.
Near McGregor, ND.
McGregor County farm house.
(north angle--B&W)
Lostwood schoolhouse.
Lostwood, ND.
Blaisdell Methodist Church.
Blaisdell, ND.
Bonetraill Schoolhouses.
Williams County, ND.
Beautiful old farm house.
(c. 1902)
Near Ray, ND.
'Lone' white church.
Divide County, ND.
Rustic early 1900's residence.
Blaisdell, ND.
Ambrose, ND
Modest old home.
Ambrose, ND.
c. 1900 farm house.
Fortuna, ND.
Alkabo, ND.
'rusting away'
Alkabo, ND
(north angle)
Collapsing old general store.
Alkabo, ND.
Alkabo, ND
Early 1900's residences.
Old Mercantile Store.
(south angle)
Alkabo, ND.
Modest old settlers home.
(c. 1910)
Alkabo, ND
Another early 1900's home.
Alkabo, ND.
Alkabo School.
Rolette County
Historical Society Museum.
St John, ND.
Old Roxy Theatre.
Langdon, ND.
Historic Downtown
Langdon, ND.
Boyd Square.
Langdon, ND.
Old downtown theatre.
Rock Lake, ND.
Methodist Church.
Near Rolla, ND.
Lake Metagoshie,
Bottineau County, ND.
Lake Metigoshie.
(north shore cottages)
Trinity Lutheran Church.
Westhope, ND.
'Welcome To Souris'
Souris, ND.
Old Customs Station.
Antler, ND.
Old Post Office.
Antler, ND.
Early 1900's 
church & school.
Antler, ND.
Antler, ND.
Customs Station
& town square.
Antler Customs Station
& inspection garages.
Antler, ND.
West entrance.
Old settlers fort.
Rolette County, ND.
Beautifully frigid rural farm
in December.
Barnes County.
Rustic round-frame barn.
Near Rogers, ND.
125-year old relic.
Near Bremen, ND.
Beautiful old lutheran chruch.
Near Maddock, ND.
Abandoned old
block-style barn.
Near Wimbledon, ND.
Beautiful little abandoned
1902 schoolhouse.
Harlow, ND.
Long abandoned
Hurricane Lake Church.
Pierce County, ND.
1888 Hurricane Lake Church.
(frontal view)
Pierce County.
December evening at the
Hurricane Lake Church.
Black & white perspective 
of the Hurricane Lake Church.
Pierce County, ND.
South angle B&W of the 
Hurricane Lake Church.
Another B&W of the
Hurricane Lake Church.
December evening.
Shadows hanging over the
Hurricane Lake church.
Hurricane Lake Church.
(east angle) B&W.
Barn & lofthouse.
Pierce County plains.
Panoramic view of the
Hurricane Lake Church.
Pierce County.
Hurricane Lake Church.
Built 1888.
(east color angle).
Pierce County, ND.
Knox, North Dakota.
December afternoon.
Pristine north plains of
Pierce County.
Meyer Township schoolhouse.
(southern view)
Knox, ND.
Meyer Township schoolhouse.
(west angle).
1902 Meyer Township schoolhouse.
Near Knox, ND.
1890 Lonetree Church.
'ghost cathedral'
Ward County, ND.
'Color' view of the 
Lonetree ghost church.
Frontal view of the
Lonetree Church.
Lonetree church.
(close up)
A view down "Main Street"
Lonetree, ND.
1890 Lonetree Church.
'through the trees'
Another east angle of the
Hurricane Lake Church.
Lonetree ghost church.
(west angle)
Ward County, ND.
1903 Lutheran Church remnants.
Tunbridge, ND.
Denbigh, ND.
1920's era general store.
Another view of the
Tunbridge Lutheran Church.
Just west of Rugby.
More old remnants of
Denbigh, ND.
Early 1900's ruins.
Ruso, ND.
1930's service garage.
Ruso, ND.
Another view of this early
Ruso, ND.
Another (B&W) of the 
1930's service garage.
Ruso, ND.
Delapidated old general store.
1930's farmstead barn.
Ruso, ND.
St John's Lutheran Church.
Arena, ND.
Early pioneer ranch oasis.
Near Orrin, ND.
Florence Lake Schoolhouse.
Built in 1936.
Sheridan County, ND.
Braddock, North Dakota.
Old store.
Now a coffee shop.
1915 Bank Building.
Braddock, ND.
Mild December sunset on 
an open hay field.
Near Steele, ND.
Kintyre, ND.
Old hotel & saloon.
Beautifully austere 
100-year old farmhouse.
Sheridan County, ND.
A close up view of this
old relic.
1909 ranch house.
Sheridan County plains.
B&W version of this old 
classic 'beauty'.
Sheridan County.
Old farm of yesteryear.
North Dakota's central plains.
Arena (ghost town).
Burleigh County, ND.
Kintyre, ND.
Another view of this 
old hotel & saloon.
Orrin, ND.
"Main Street"
Another early farmhouse.
Central North Dakota.
St Johns Lutheran Church.
(immortal remains)
Arena, ND.
One more (color) view of
Kintyre, ND.
Kintyre revisited.
It's old hotel/saloon.
Old bank building.
Braddock, ND.
Danville Lutheran Church.
(south angle)
Crosby, ND.
Another angle of the
Danville Lutheran Church.
Crosby, ND.
Danville Lutheran Church.
Crosby, ND.
1920's abandoned rural schoolhouse.
Williams County, ND.
Another peek at this 
Williams County schoolhouse.
Summer canola in full bloom.
Near Epping, ND.
Another old (1930's)
rural schoolhouse.
McKenzie County, ND.
Another abandoned
McKenzie County schoolhouse.
Abandoned 1904 farm house.
Divide County, ND.
One more peek at this
old schoolhouse.
Williams County, ND.
Little Missouri Peak.
Another view of
Little Missouri Peak.
Little Missouri Peak.
(close up view)
Southern view of the vast
Missouri River basin.
Vast Missouri River basin.
Western North Dakota.
Close up view of the
Missouri River basin.
South of Watford City.
The old Zap, ND schoolhouse.
1800's stone remnants.
Hutmacher Farm.
Dunn County.
More Hutmaker Farm ruins.
Dunn County.
Old stone storage shed.
Hutmaker Farm.
Early 1900's brick school.
Crystal Springs.
(Kidder County)
Another peek at this classic
brick school building.
Crystal Springs, ND.